Halli Galli Quartet


The string quartet embraces new horizons borrowing from the swing style and rhythms of the afro-american tradition. Each member of the band’s individual “voice” and musical lineage combine, resulting in a mixture of authentic instrumental/vocal arrangements with fresh colours.

With the entire group being fluent across multiple instruments, performances grant the listener an impression and feeling of a four person orchestra.



Christoph Mallinger

5 String Violin, Voice, Mandolin & Snare with Brushes

Christoph Mallinger is an Austrian jazz musician, arranger and composer based between Barcelona and Vienna.

He finished Bachelor and Master degree at Anton Bruckner University with excellence.

His musical range is somewhere in between jazz, blues, classic, soul, hip-hop, free jazz, song writing, etc.

HalliGalli Quartet is his first “String Quartet“ project where he tries to bring in all his experience and expertise from being a professional musician and band leader over the last 15 years.

Mallinger is also dedicated to music education/teaching since over a decade. He is/was lecturer at various places like JAM MUSIC LAB VIENNA Private Jazzuniversity, Popakademie Vienna, ESMUC Barcelona, Passionweeks Music and Sports Workshops, SUPARAR Vienna, El Sistema Europe.

Currently he´s working in various projects and groups within Europe and USA.

  • Andrea Motis Group
  • Sugar Daisy´s Hot Club
  • SK Invitational
  • SK Angelite
  • Green is the New Pink


Èlia Bastida

Violin, Voice & Shaker

Born in Barcelona in 1995, Èlia began studying classic violin when she was at 4 years old of age with professor Pablo Cortés, at 12 enrolled in the Instituto-escuela artística Oriol Martorell where she studied classical violin.
At 16 she finds jazz and starts playing with the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, directed by Joan Chamorro, where she got the opportunity to diving deeper into this style she found so captivating. Since then she’s been working mainly as a jazz musician, obtained a degree on jazz violin at ESMUC but while still working on her classic training. Èlia has recorded more than 25 albums, among them 2 as a leader, in this period with the Sant Andreu Jazz Band. She has worked with regarded international musicians such as Dick Oatts, Scott Hamilton, Joe Magnarelli, Perico Sambeat, Jon-Erik Kellso, John Allred, Joel Frahm, Scott Robinson among many others. Èlia also plays tenor saxophone and sings, you can hear all these facets in some of her recordings.


Marta Roma

Chelo, Voice & Tap Dance

Marta Roma is a versatile cellist and singer from Barcelona. After her studies in Music Education in Barcelona she moved to Boston to complete a degree and Masters at Berklee College of Music.

She has toured internationally performing and teaching workshops and master classes.

Back in Barcelona Marta keeps developing her own personal and creative approach to improvisation and singing across different musical genres, styles and cultures, maintaining an active career as a performer and educator around Spain. She released her solo album in 2018.


Pablo López

Acoustic Guitar, Piano & Voice

Jazz musician Pablo Lopez began playing piano at an early age and soon after discovered the guitar. In 2003, he moved to Barcelona to continue his musical studies before starting his career as a Jazz guitarist in Melbourne, Australia.
After a hand injury, Pablo had to put the guitar on the side and decided to thoroughly study the greats of the stride piano while spending some time in Vienna-Austria. Inspired by the great Art Tatum he tries to bring back the old greats of jazz into the modern world.